Skadi Volume 1 comic collection


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This book is a collection of two years worth of "Skadi", a weekly webcomic seen on by Katie Rice and Luke Cormican. "Skadi" tells the story of a young barbarian girl on a religious quest to eat of every meat, and her hapless slave-beast Diseasoid.

The first two years of Skadi comics, plus some newer ones as well!

Nine pin-ups from talent artists Bill Pressing, Brianne Drouhard, Emmy Cicierega, Pedro Vargas, Becky Dreistadt, Alex Kirwan, Kristen McCabe, Shawn Dickinson, and Seo Kim!

Two guest comics from fellow Dumms Gabe Swarr and Sean Szeles!

Seven bonus pages of development art and designs from when Skadi was first imagined!

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128 pages
full color
Magazine sized (8 x 10.5)


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